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CAMBIVO 2 x Patella Strap Knee Brace, Patellar Tendon Strap for Running, Hiking
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CAMBIVO 2 x Patella Strap Knee Brace, Patellar Tendon Strap for Running, Hiking

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Patella Knee Strap
  • 60% SBR (neoprene), 30% polyester fiber, 10% spandex
  • Ideal Knee Brace for Knee Pain - A knee pain relief brace holds the patella around the knee and absorbs the shocks, providing extra support and protecting your knee during a daily workout.
  • Fully Adjustable Patella Knee Brace - Double-knot Design; Fully adjustable; The perfect-fit of the patellar tendon support strap reduces the pressure on the patella tendon and thus helps to provide extra support while running or exercising; Regain your stability; Especially crafted for people suffering from knee instability.
  • High Quality and Durable - These adjustable patellar tendon straps for knee pain are made from a high-quality material that is both durable, yet soft and breathable for a comfortable fit; Get a ‘wholesome’ feeling at your knees; The fabric is chosen to absorb sweat and thus, prevents any wet or slippery feeling on the knee.
  • Comfortable Fit and Anti-slip Design - Protects and provides extra support for the knee during outdoor sports; Highly Fashionable; Premium permeability and absorption ability; Easy to wash; Does not restrict movement and allows you to perform physical activities with ease; The added padding provides good support for the knee- especially when going uphill or downhill.
  • 9 Colors to Choose - Patella knee brace can be adjusted according to your preferences; Keep doing exercise at home, drink plenty of water; Our product is a perfect add-on to your exercise essentials.

The Function of Patella Strap

  • Relief pain caused by inflammation.
  • Normalize joint range of motion.
  • Provides instant strength and stability.
  • Improve patellofemoral (knee cap) alignment.
  • Minimize your chance of re-injury.
  • Reduce the wear of the knee joint.
  • Takes the stress off your knees.

Patella Knee Strap


One Size Fits All

  • Designed to suit users of all sizes and shapes, the patellar tendon strap stretches up to 18 inches. Get a bonus child-size strap with your purchase!
  • With a dual adjustable patellar knee brace, our knee support for running easily tightens to support your child's developing knees.

Patella Knee Strap


How to Wear Patella Knee Brace Correctly

  • Place the patella strap about 1 inch (2.5cm) below the knee cap.
  • Affix one end of the patella brace to the back. Tighten with the other end until the strap is snug and comfortable.
  • Affix the other end of the knee strap. The entire surface of the brace is grippy and you may overlap the knee strap if needed. 

      Patella Knee Strap

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