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Knee Compression Sleeve
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CAMBIVO 2 x Knee Compression Sleeve, Knee Brace for Runners, Joggers, Athletes, and Weightlifters

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Knee Compression Sleeve


Perfect Knee Compression Sleeve for Knee Joints

As a complicated joint, the knee is one of the most used and load-bearing joints in the process of human movement. So knee discomfort can be easily caused by all kinds of incorrect use or overuse of the knee.

A knee compression sleeve might be the solution.

Cambivo knee compression sleeves could alleviate or relieve the uncomfortable feeling of the knee. Meanwhile, the breathable and odor-free fabric absorbs sweat quickly and keeps your knee dry.


Flexible & Breathable Fabric

The 3D elastic weaving will keep the surrounding muscles around your knee warm and help them relax. Despite its rigidity, the flexible material is breathable to minimize sweating,  so it can be used as a runner's knee brace and a football knee brace.

Be more active and confident when you are wearing a knee compression sleeve that accommodates comfort and allows unrestricted movement without the hassle of any adjustable patella knee strap. These knee compression sleeves are easy to use. Slip on and fit right!

Material composition: Nylon, Latex, and Spandex.

Knee Compression Sleeve


Why Do We Recommend the Cambivo Knee Compression Sleeve?

  • Highly effective in supporting the knee joint.
  • Provides enough support for you to enjoy sports or recreational activities, or work-related tasks.
  • Ideal for runners, joggers, athletes, and weightlifters
  • Teenagers who indulge in sports or old people who suffer from knee discomfort due to aging

Knee Compression Sleeve

Get ready to improve your motor function with the excellent support provided by our Cambivo knee brace for a meniscus tear. Suitable for various sports, such as basketball, football, skiing, hiking, tennis, golf, cycling, volleyball, and much more.

Knee Compression Sleeve

With adequate compression level, the brace provides extra stabilization for the knee area without limiting flexibility, giving you more stability and comfort. Move with Cambivo, move with confidence.

Knee Compression Sleeve 

Featured with an evenly distributed weaving, the Cambivo knee compression sleeve ensures to apply an equal amount of pressure on your patella, joints, and surrounding areas to protect your knee joints. Perfect for any season or environment, indoors or outdoors.

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