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Knee Brace for Running
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Knee Compression Sleeve for Meniscus Tear
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CAMBIVO 2 x Knee Brace for Running, Knee Compression Sleeve for Meniscus Tear

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Knee Brace for Meniscus Tear Size Chart

Perfect Knee Brace for Running & All Other Exercises

Whether you're a total exercise novice or a fitness pro, we make sure that you get comfort, style, and value for money, that's why we perfected our compression knee brace for running with 3D knitting technology for a breathable and secure fit. 

The compression knee braces are made of higher quality 4-way stretching material for superior comfort, flexibility, durability, and warmth.

 Knee Brace for Running


Designed for Your Knee Joints  

Suffering from knee problems is the most common issue among athletes or people who are into sports.

The specialist recommendation is the use of compression knee braces for knee exercises that apply moderate pressures to strengthen the knee brace for a meniscus tear and maintain joint stability without getting in the way. When you wear a knee brace for running, the optimal compression will warm the surrounding muscles helping them to relax.

Despite the tightness of the sleeve, the flexible material is still breathable to keep sweating to a minimum.


Flexible & Breathable Fabric

The 3D elastic weaving of the compression knee braces will keep the surrounding muscles around your knees warm and help them relax. The flexible material is breathable to minimize sweating.

Be more active and confident when you are wearing knee braces that accommodate comfort and allow unrestricted movement. These knee sleeves are easy to use, slip on, and fit right!

Knee Brace for Running  

Knee compression braces are made of breathable fabric to enhance hygiene. Provide an amazing level of comfort by using breathable fabric to allow air to flow through and provide the appropriate temperature.

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