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Cambivo offers a wide range of yoga mats for many different practices and preferences. From the standard yoga mat, the alignment yoga mat, and the large exercise mat, to our extra wide yoga mat, there is something for you.
When choosing a yoga mat, don't forget what type of yoga and exercise you plan to do, the location where you intend to practice, and other preferences you may have, such as cushion and mat length, eco-friendly, non-slip material or a little more stretching room. We made it easy to find the right yoga mat so that you can start your practice comfortably.
No matter who you are or why you practice yoga, Cambivo promises to provide you with high-quality yoga experiences and the most innovative products at every stage of your journey.

Yoga Mat & Essentials

CAMBIVO Extra Long Yoga Mat for Fitness & Workouts, Non-Slip Exercise Mat (Black)


CAMBIVO TPE Pro Eco-Friendly Workout Mat with Strap