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Things You Need To Know About Patella Alta

by James Lee on January 12, 2022

What Is Patella Alta?

This is one of the most common causes of knee pain in athletes. The patella, or kneecap, is very important for mobility and balance. Patella Alta means that the knee joint's kneecap is higher than usual. It happens when the cartilage of the kneecap wears out.

It is a factor of poor mobility and can happen to anyone. One thing that contributes to this condition is if you're not getting enough nutrients to lubricate your joints and help keep cartilage healthy. If you are not consuming enough omega-3, glucosamine, chondroitin, and MSM, you could have a weakened joint lining that won't stay healthy joints mobile.

Another contributing factor is if your gastrocnemius muscle isn't working correctly. When your gastrocnemius muscle is not working correctly, it places a lot more pressure on the knee joint and can create too much pressure on the kneecap and weaken it.


Patella Alta Symptoms and Causes


The symptoms are very similar to shin splints. They include pain when your knee bends, hopping on one leg, and snapping your knee as you walk or run.

Also, you may experience instability when you walk. When the knee is unstable, it could signify that the kneecap is moving out of place. 

Another symptom is the recurring kneecap dislocation. It happens when the kneecap pops out of place and then goes back inside the knee joint.


The most common cause of this condition is wearing shoes that do not have proper support for your knees. You could also get it if you have flat feet, or your patella is not positioned correctly in the knee joint.

Overuse or overtraining can also be a contributing factor to developing this problem. With overuse, you repeatedly put stress on a joint without giving it enough time to rest.

Overtraining is when you are training so hard that your body has nothing left to give, and it damages organs or muscles while training.

Other leading causes are:


  • Poor mobility (hamstring, gastrocnemius, side-to-side).
  • Overpronation of the feet.
  • Ankle pronation (when your feet roll in too much when you walk or run).
  • Poor flexibility in the knee joint.
  • Poor movement pattern when running or walking.
  • Poor patellar tracking (when your kneecap isn’t in the right place).
  • Poor foot mechanics (overpronation or flat feet). 
  • Tightness in the calf muscles.
  • A long Q angle of the hip.


Common Treatment and Prevention Tips

Reduce inflammation by resting for at least three days. Begin to do ice massage after exercising. Stretch your gastrocnemius muscle during and after exercising every day. Doing this will help reduce the tension that builds up in the knee joint as you exercise.

Apply a knee sleeve to your knee when exercising. This compression sleeve will reduce the friction in the knee joint and give your kneecap more mobility.

Use a stool to elevate your leg when you are resting and when you’re sleeping to reduce pressure from gravity. You could also use a pillow under your knee for extra support.

Wear shoes with good stability to help with mobility, balance, and coordination. Also, wear supportive shoes with shock absorption and are lightweight for better energy transfer. If you have Patella Alta in one knee, there is a high chance that it will happen in the other knee as well.


Using Cambivo Patella Straps

Cambivo patella knee straps are ideal for runners looking to get rid of their knee pain. These straps come in three colors to suit your preference: black, white, and grey. The straps are easy to provide compression and stability while doing your exercise routine.

If you want to get rid of your knee pain, you must use any harness, especially when exercising intensely, to prevent overuse injuries in your knees. The Leata is a lightweight and comfortable support that comes in three standard sizes: small (women’s size 6-8), medium (women’s size 10-12), or large (men’s size 14-16).

The strap provides non-constricting support from top to bottom of your knee that doesn’t bind or constrict you like many other knee support straps. The Leata is made from a breathable neoprene fabric that allows for the ideal amount of sweat and temperature regulation. Its breathable design ensures proper circulation and prevents heat buildup in your legs, which can lead to irritation, pain, and additional swelling.

Also, Cambivo patella knee straps come with a removable anatomic support pad in varying sizes depending on the size of your patella. The supports features foam padding that provides additional cushioning and compression, which prevents joint motion and opens the joint space to allow for more mobility while doing any activity. The straps also feature a hook design that makes it easy to attach and remove, and the hooks are double reinforced for added security.


As noted, patella alta is a common cause of knee pain because the kneecap is higher than normal in your knee joint. It is caused by a lack of nutrients to lubricate your joints and help keep cartilage healthy. Also, it is caused by poor mobility, poor flexibility on your knee joints, and overstraining, which creates excess strain on the kneecap.

You can avoid getting patella alta by resting within exercises and avoiding putting excessive pressure on your knees. Also, wear comfortable shoes that will give you great balance when walking, running, or exercising. The use of Cambivo patella straps has also proven to reduce the chances of individuals getting the condition.